another person! Juliette ditched her hair for a Chanel look on the web

BBB21 winner Juliette ditches long hair to rock short locks on social media; to research

No one was waiting! winning in Big Brother Brazil 21,Juliette FreireIt appeared completely different on the web on Friday (15).

The singer decided to ditch her voluminous hair and adopt a radical new haircut: the Chanel style. However, this was all just a joke.

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She appeared in her Instagram stories as she “cut” her hair at the hairdresser: “I’m a striker, I’m going to cut my hair now. Radical change, wasn’t that supposed to kick the bucket? So let’s go!” , She said on video.

In the footage, she appears with extremely short hair that reaches her chin and pulls a face. However, it wasn’t her natural hair.

In the next video, JULIET Back with a long line: “Farewell! Deceptive scammer, I only took tips. How intimidating, isn’t it?


Current BBB Champion, Former Sister Juliette Freire Fidelity wasted last Thursday (14) revealing who their fans are in this latest episode of BBB22. During a live broadcast on social networks, she indicated that the dispute over the amount of 1.5 million Brazilian riyals between Arthur Aguiar or Paulo André. However, the inspiration doesn’t take root for any of the players.

“From what I can see it will be Paulo Andre or Arthur [Aguiar]. The decision is between the two. I like everyone, I think everyone has something good to add. I see the qualities of everyone. We can quote one by one,” pointing to.

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