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The world is divided into two camps. We roll our eyes at the fervor for advent calendars – especially when it starts so early; the other looks forward to the annual beauty madness. This week’s roundup is for the latter. Anyone can come back next week – or keep reading to see what it’s all about. Basically, beauty advent calendars are an incredibly easy and straightforward way to explore many different products in one purchase. This can be done through a single brand: Chanel, Elemis, Jo Malone London, Clinique; or a plethora of brands sold at retailers such as Cult Beauty, Liberty, Harrods, Space NK, and Net-a-Porter. If the price you pay is undeniably an investment, the amount you save is astonishing. So you have to get there early, which is why you are reading about it in October. Rather exciting, Chanel launched an advent calendar for the first time. He is quite different from the others. It’s £ 610. It’s a big (plus) investment and it’s collectable. That’s why you don’t buy it to actually use it. No, you buy it because it’s Chanel.

Jo malone London Advent Calendar, £ 325,
Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 250,
Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 250,
Net-a-Porter Advent Calendar, £ 255,
Net to wear Advent Calendar, £ 255,
Clinique 24 Day Clinic, £ 95 (worth £ 220),
Clinical 24 Clinic Days, £ 95 (worth £ 220),
Elemis London Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 175 (valued at £ 402),
Elemis London Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 175 (worth £ 402),
Chanel No 5 The Calendar, £ 610,
Chanel n ° 5 The calendar, £ 610,
Cult Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 215 (worth £ 975),
NK space Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 199 (valued at £ 744),
Cult Beauty Advent Calendar, £ 215 (worth £ 975),
Cult beauty Advent Calendar, £ 215 (valued at £ 975), Photograph: Supplied

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