Chanel Contos’ Teach Us Consent Platform Reveals How Many Reports of Rape and Assault Come From Private Schools in Sydney


Since Chanel Contos’ first viral petition, which called for earlier and better sexual consent education to be taught in Australian schools, the activist saw positive change by launching Operation Vest alongside NSW Sex Crimes Team Leader Stacey Maloney and Dr Joy Townsend, the one of Australia’s leading consent educators, as well as having sparked the need for the NSW government to address consent education statewide.

The petition, since its publication on February 18, has seen more than 6,000 testimonies of sexual assault from current and former Australian private school students, an alarming number that highlights just how important the consent education system is. is fractured nationwide.

Now, Contos’ educational platform Teach Us Consent has shared new infographics from the data it collected, revealing how many testimonials involved people in the private school industry.

“As the government debates consent education in the public sector, we also demand a commitment to drastic reform in the independent school sector,” read an Instagram caption. “These figures come from approximately 4,100 testimonials analyzed out of 6,500 on”

Teach Us Consent described exactly which of Sydney’s most prestigious private schools were among the submissions, including Cranbrook (166), Scots College (151), Shore (103), Knox Grammar (90) and Saint Ignatius College (89).

The post claimed that the numbers “suggest a deeply rooted problem in the culture” among these students.

“This culture is not exclusive to these schools, but to the whole of Australia,” one reads. “The numbers underestimate the problem because not all testimony has been analyzed and not all victims of sexual assault have testified.

“These numbers prove that we live in a culture of rape. “

Another infographic recently released by the platform shows even more alarming statistics on Australia’s rape crisis, including a recent study which estimates that 17% of Australian women have been sexually assaulted since the age of 15.

Thanks to Contos’ activism, the NSW Parliament was scheduled to debate whether to add earlier and more comprehensive education to school curricula on June 24, however, it was postponed due to the Continued spread of COVID-19 in Sydney.

Earlier this year, Contos spoke with Marie Claire, sharing her beliefs that generational differences in understanding concepts such as consent and rape culture have led some principals to miss the point.

“It’s going to be so hard to tackle because we’re not just educating the students; we need to educate a whole generation of people who have a patriarchal mindset rooted in them, ”she said. “We need to turn their world upside down by making them realize that we live in a culture of rape. Every time they tell their daughter not to wear something provocative it perpetuates the culture of rape, it’s the girls’ responsibility.

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