Days of Our Lives recap: Chloe gets a shock when she sees Stefan

Alone in a judge’s office, Chloe tries to reassure Brady that he won’t lose custody of Rachel. Belle joins them, wondering where Kristen is. Brady doesn’t know, but assumes she’s up to nothing good. The judge arrives and Belle decides to dismiss the case since Kristen isn’t there.

Outside the Brady Pub, Kristen furiously types on her phone as Li walks up to her. He needs to talk, but she has to go to court. He warns that she might want to take some time for him, given that she ordered Rolf to wake Stefan up before he was ready. He tells that Stefan went straight to the crypt and told Gabi he didn’t love her. Kristen thinks he shouldn’t be mad then, but Li reminds her that it was a dangerous move. Now he doesn’t know where Stefan is, and Gabi is a mess. Kristen can’t be bothered, as she has her own issues to deal with.

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In her chambers, the judge declares that if Kristen does not show up in the next minute, she will grant the motion to dismiss. Kristen arrives and declares that she is representing herself. She calls her first witness – Chloe Lane. The judge reminds her that this is not a trial, but Kristen states that Brady and Chloe’s relationship is more serious than what Brady conveyed to the judge, and Rachel hates her. Kristen wants the judge to know some things about her. Despite Belle’s objections, the judge allows her to question Chloe.

Chloe sits next to the judge as Kristen asks why she is trying to steal her daughter. Brady rolls his eyes. Kristen brings up the fact that Chloe is Nicole’s surrogate and accuses her of trying to keep the baby for her. Chloe insists she was doing what was best for the baby at the time. Belle steps in to ask Chloe what their relationship is like now. Chloe explains that she and Nicole are best friends and that she often takes care of Holly.

During a recess, Belle confesses to Brady that it’s worse than she expected. Chloe really wants to testify against Kristen now, but Belle fears it will backfire. She offers Chloe to leave. Since it’s better for Brady and Rachel, Chloe leaves. When the hearing resumes, the judge allows Kristen to question Brady. She asks why he thinks it’s appropriate for their daughter to be raised by a murderer.

In DiMera’s crypt, Gabi picks up her wedding ring and says, “You came back to me, and this time, I’m not going to let you go.” She remembers seeing Stefan again, as well as her rejection. She wonders what Rolf did to her and vows never to say goodbye to him again.

At the Salem Inn, Ava puts an arm around a shirtless Johnny in front of EJ

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At the Salem Inn, Johnny leaves the bathroom in a towel as Ava returns to the bedroom. She wonders what he’s still doing there. They agreed that he would only be there one night. He assures her that he will be on his way. He just needed to clean up after the gym. There’s a knock on the door, which Johnny assumes is his room service. He opens it to EJ, who says who wants to take him home. Johnny refuses and they argue verbally. Ava puts an arm around Johnny and tells EJ they have plans that are none of his business. EJ says he was just looking out for his son’s well-being, but he won’t make that mistake again.

After Johnny gets dressed, Ava tells Johnny to leave. She is grateful for his support and friendship, but they are not going to have sex. She just wanted to stick it to EJ. Johnny states that he’d rather stay there above the mansion, even if it means sleeping on the floor. Ava says staying with her isn’t the solution. Although he does not know where to go, Johnny leaves.

EJ gapes at Gabi in the DiMera lounge

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EJ returns home to find Gabi looking for Stefan. She tells an incredulous EJ that her brother “got Rolf-ed” just like him and she thinks Kristen is involved. After EJ does some digging, Gabi storms off. Alone with Stefano’s portrait, EJ realizes that Gabi’s shares go to Stefan, who could be the key to getting his fingers off the CEO’s desk.

Li comes to Gabi’s office and finds Stefan behind his desk. Li asks if he came to see Gabi. Stefan says, “God, no.” He just wanted to be somewhere he felt in control. However, he should leave before Gabi arrives. Li asks if he really doesn’t want to see her. Stefan assures her that there is nothing to worry about. The thought of Gabi turns her stomach. He is ready to leave, but does not know where to go. Li suggests that she see Chloe, who is at the Salem Inn.

Stefan looks away as he sits in the DiMera CEO's chair

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After Stefan leaves, Gabi finds Li in his office. She thinks someone needs to tell Ava she wasn’t hallucinating. However, if it was Stefan that Ava saw, how could Li not have seen him, given that he was at the door when Ava passed out?

After the bakery ovens break down, Chanel and Allie bake more cookies for Paulina at Allie’s apartment. Chanel asks her girlfriend if she told Johnny about him sleeping with Tripp’s mother. Allie points out that they don’t know anything is going on. Chanel gets upset, which forces Allie to question her. Chanel insists she’s just weird because of their age difference, but Allie accuses her of being obsessed. Chanel brings up Ava’s violent history and wonders if Allie even cares what happens to her brother. Offended, Allie says she has to be careful with Ava since she is Henry’s grandmother. They argue and Chanel storms out.

Allie arrives at the square and sees Ava leaving the inn. She asks what are her intentions towards her brother. Meanwhile, Chanel returns to the apartment to work things out with Allie. Johnny comes to the door.

At the apartment, Chanel glares at Allie

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