Desi mom shocked by her daughter’s Gucci 35K belt pairs it with a sari; Internet is impressed



We all remember Ranchi’s Indian mom who went viral after comparing a Rs 35,000 Gucci belt to the Delhi Public School (DPS) school belt. After the reaction won the hearts of Indian internet users, the desi mom has now given her expert advice on how to wear the Gucci belt in style.

Instagramer Chabi Gupta shared an image of her mother sporting the Gucci belt over a pink saree with a caption: “1 Way To Style Your GUCCI Belt with Indian Saree ft. Desi Mom.”

Indian mom compares DPS and Gucci belt

On June 15, Chabi Gupta posted a video on Instagram unwrapping a Gucci belt and showing it to his mom Anita Gupta. At first, the mom didn’t seem impressed with the deluxe belt she compared to DPS’s school belt, Ranchi. However, when she heard the price of the Gucci belt, her reaction was even more hilarious. After Chabi revealed that the belt cost Rs 35,000, the shock was felt all over his face.

“Doesn’t that look like the DPS belt? How much is it?” the mother asked.

“It’s a bit expensive, Rs 35,000,” Chabi said after which the mother asked if she was dreaming.

Unable to accept the exorbitant cost of the Gucci belt, Anita Gupta did what all parents do, arguing over how much cheaper the item could have been brought in otherwise. “What’s special about that? It’s exactly like the DPS Ranchi belt with embellishments. I could have had it for RS 150. You’re absolutely crazy. You want it. ‘money and want to waste it, “the mother said as she left Chabi and the rest of the family laughed.

Watch the viral video if you haven’t yet

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