Dior gives us an intimate look at its new Lady D-Joy bag

The French house gives us an intimate look at the production process of its new accessory in a series of new photos and a video.

Of course, we are all fans of Dior and its beautiful classic cuts. But, have you ever wondered how these essential basics and accessories that litter your wardrobe came to be? Well, the French house is here to satisfy that curiosity with a look at the craftsmanship that goes into what will soon be one of your most beloved bags, the Lady D-Joy.

As Dior transports us to the depths of Italy through photography and video, we are invited into the exclusive Italian atelier responsible for crafting the Dior products we all know and love. And, while the premise of a BTS look at the incomparable craftsmanship of the minds of Dior is truly exhilarating, that’s not where the excitement of this project ends. With the subject of the series of photos being the divine reinterpretation of the infamous Icon Lady Dior, accessories lovers will be delighted by a first glimpse of what will certainly be their next purchase.

With Dior masterfully tapping into that unwavering desire that we all need to peek behind the creative curtain, it’s fair to say we’ll be watching these photos in awe for the rest of the day.

Go below to discover the new DIOR SAVOIR-FAIRE LADY D-JOY video…

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