Family’s adorable French bulldogs stolen from Miami-Dade home



MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida – It was a normal day for a Miami family with their beloved French Bulldogs, Blue and Gucci, until it wasn’t.

According to the family, they left their dogs outside in their closed backyard so they could do their business and play, but then tragedy struck – they opened their back door to find their door wide open and the bulldogs. French left without leaving a trace.

The Garriga family say they let the French Bulldogs, known as “Frenchies”, hang out for about 20 minutes.

“I go crazy going to Walgreens, in all the banks, putting flyers with their photos on them and our information,” says Leandro Garriga, completely upset by the disappearance of his beloved Frenchies.

Garriga and his family are now devastated.

Blue and Gucci were robbed from their home in southwest Miami-Dade. (Copyright 2021 by WPLG – All rights reserved.)

He says he was just preparing food, so he decided to let the dogs hang out in their closed backyard for a bit.

However, when he went to bring them back inside, he knew something was wrong.

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“I looked over here and I realized the gate was completely, just, you know, open like that, that dogs can’t open on their own,” he said.

Garriga, his wife Vanessa, and their two daughters have searched for Frenchies everywhere and posted flyers in their southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood.

However, the two dogs, Blue 1 year old and Gucci 2 years old, are still missing.

Help the Garriga family find their two French Bulldogs Blue and Gucci who were stolen in southwest Miami-Dade. Edited by Nicole Lopez-Alvar. (Courtesy of the Garriga family)

And, to make matters worse, the crooks apparently tried to take advantage of them by saying they found the dogs, but asked for a little too much information.

“He asked my husband to send him his Google code that we had just received to basically get our Google information, the bank account information,” Vanessa explains.

Now the family are desperately hoping someone sees this and brings Gucci and Blue home.

“Please, we would really appreciate it,” Vanessa said. “Wherever you drop them off, we have our number everywhere – contact us and we’ll get them back. No problems at all, ”she said.

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Blue and Gucci have been missing for four days now, and the family desperately needs information to get them home.

“These are our babies,” Vanessa said. “These are our babies.

She says their daughters have been crying every day since their Frenchies disappeared.

“They cried very sadly asking me every day when are the dogs coming, if anyone is going to bring them, why would they take them?”

If you know anything, please call the Garriga family at (786) 424-5987, or call (786) 397-2929.

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