Find out what’s on Chanel’s Advent Calendar # 5


Chanel has spent the whole of 2021 celebrating the centenary of its iconic perfume, Chanel No.5, from introspective film projects to a limited edition collection. So it’s only fitting that the brand ends the year on a high note with a themed # 5 advent calendar that is packed with some of the brand’s most sought-after products.

The shape of the perfume bottle is not the only thing that makes the Chanel Holiday Calendar No.5 special. Instead of the usual 25 boxes like most advent calendars, this one contains 27; and instead of those boxes being numbered 1 through 25, they’re numbered 5 through 31 as a tribute to the brand – 5, because, well. . . Chanel No.5 and 31, which invokes the street number of Coco Chanel’s art-filled apartment and living room at 31 rue Cambon in Paris.

In addition to a 35ml bottle of Chanel No.5, the Advent Calendar also contains two full-size lipsticks (both red, one matte and one satin), nail polish (also red, in a new shade created just for the occasion), a bottle of the brand’s best-selling # 5 hand cream (very chic egg-shaped), a scented bar of soap # 5, a scoop Chanel snow and a handful of other # 5 themed accessories that were designed just for the calendar.

Unsurprisingly, such a lavish Advent calendar like this comes with an equally lavish prize. At $ 825, the Chanel No.5 Calendar sits on the luxurious end of the gift spectrum. But if you are ready to shed pounds, we suggest you act quickly. Launching October 15, there are only limited Advent Calendar quantities available, and those with deep pockets or a deep love of Chanel are sure to pick up this exclusive gift quickly.

Read on to get a glimpse of the 27 goodies behind the doors of the Chanel No.5 calendar.

  • Eau de Parfum n ° 5 1.5ml
  • Tree ornament
  • No. 5 Water on Hand Cream 50ml
  • The little bag
  • Keyboard stickers (set of 12)
  • The snow globe
  • Rouge Allure Velvet in Rouge Vie
  • Perfume Ceramics
  • Sticker
  • Longwear Vernis Le Vernis in Powerful Red
  • The magnetic bookmark
  • No. 5 Eau de Toilette 1.5ml
  • The Ceramic Bracelet
  • The three-piece sticker set
  • The key ring n ° 5
  • Rouge Allure in Independent
  • The mirror
  • 3d sticker
  • The key ring
  • The flipbook
  • No. 5 Eau de Parfum 35ml
  • The bookmark
  • No.5 Bath Soap
  • The embroidered sticker
  • The pin
  • No.5 Body cream
  • The bracelet

Image Source: Chanel

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