Foolio on Gucci Mane reaching out to him, new single “Whip Bump”



Nowadays more than ever, it seems South Florida has been the production hub for some of the most fashionable artists in the rap game, from OGs like Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy to more recent ones such as Kodak Black and XXXTentacion (rest in peace).

Insert Foolio, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, made a name for himself with his distinct hoarse voice and unique sound marked by relentless bars, melodic versatility and honesty in his lyrics.

On the surface, it may seem like Foolio is just another buzzing rapper on the stage. But in reality, it goes much further than rap.

A victim of the confines of his environment, his real name Charles Jones comes from a place struck by gang violence, drugs, poverty and everything in between. Almost losing his life as a teenager, the East Coast rapper lets everything explode in his music, telling his truth as a form of pain therapy.

Released in April of this year, Foolio’s “When I See You (Remix)”, which was released in response to unresolved issues in Duval County, currently has over 17 million views and has,

Regardless, Foolio killed him independently, most recently releasing his latest banger titled “Whip Bump” while “Play With Me” continues to go viral on TikTok.

All hip-hop: You said you bought jewelry on your birthday, how many jewelry do you have?

Madness: I don’t have a lot of jewelry at the moment, I miss it. But I have two Rolexes, a ring, chains.

All HipHop: What was the occasion for the Rolexes?

Madness: When did I buy them? I just wanted them. I was in the jewelry store and wanted them.

All HipHop: Do you do all of this independently?

Madness: Yes, Create Music does my distribution, but I’m independent now.

All hip-hop: How does it feel to be able to buy Rolex as an independent artist? A lot of people can’t say that.

Madness: It feels good. It’s good, it’s like trophies.

All hip-hop: How is the independent grinding? I’m sure you have labels that strike you …

Madness: It’s good because I’m going to make a lot of money and everything comes to me. [laughs] I had a lot of offers. Quality control got me off the ground. Gucci Mane, I spoke to Gucci Mane last week. We cut it out.

All hip-hop: What was the conversation with Gucci Mane?

Madness: S ###, he f ##### with my music and he wants me to be part of the team. I f ### with bruh, it’s love.

All HipHop: Would you like to sign with him?

Madness: Yes, as long as it makes sense. Everything has to make sense. I have f ### with Gucci’s s ###.

All HipHop: Were you excited?

Madness: Yeah I was excited, but I wasn’t… I’m thorough so this is normal for me. Not regular, but you know.

All HipHop: How difficult was it to come to Jacksonville?

Madness: I’ve been through real affairs, the worst wars. I did everything that I wasn’t supposed to see, I did everything that I wasn’t supposed to do. From getting shot to going to jail, everything.

All HipHop: You were shot at 15, there must be some trauma with that. How are you doing?

Madness: I was young. I was so 15 years old that my head was held high. Because when you get mad you don’t know you can die for real.

All hip-hop: Where have you been hit?

Madness: In my hip. It broke my hip, I was fine anyway. I was in the hospital for 2-3 weeks to a month, I was fine.


All hip-hop: What were you going through just recording “When I See You”?

Madness: When I recorded this, I was in Miami. I didn’t really f ### with the beat, but I did the song. Seeing how it sounded, I ended up loving it. I said “it will hit”. I uploaded the snippet, it hit a million views on my Instagram. This b #### has gone crazy.

All hip-hop: The deeper meaning of the clip, what is the message you were trying to get across?

Madness: I was making a statement, everyone knows what it was. That was the statement, you know? That’s what I do.

All hip-hop: Did you think it would go up like this? 17 million views …

Madness: Yes, in a month. I knew it was going to get crazy, but I didn’t think it was going to get so crazy. I thought it was going to be 2 or 3 million.

All HipHop: How did your beef with Yungeen Ace start?

Madness: It really is nothing. It’s not s ###.

All hip-hop: I know witchcraft and voodoo are important in Jacksonville. Have you and your friends tried this ###?

Madness: Yes something like that. We will see the voodoo lady to get spells, prayed.

All HipHop: What spells are you going to receive?

Madness: Safety, money, protect yourself.

All hip-hop: Are you religious at all?

Madness: Yes, I believe in God. I pray for safety, a better life, everyone safe. Blessings!


All hip-hop: Let’s talk about your new single “Whip Bump”.

Madness: Yes, “Whip Bump” is the hardest part right now. Crazy TikTok! This slut is going crazy on TikTok. I’m not on Tik Tok, I just got it. I just created an account. I’m getting used to it, I’m learning to work it.

All HipHop: I feel like you’re the type to go viral like [snaps].

Madness: Who are you telling? This song is a TikTok song, it’s hard ####.

All hip-hop: How does it feel to have reached 2 million on Youtube in a few days?

Madness: It ### felt good. I knew it was going to hit, but damn, it’s crazy. I really do, 2 million in a day or a few days. A great blessing.

All hip-hop: How was the filming of the clip?

Madness: For “Whip Bump”, this ### was on! We were at the small school. We did the dodge ball scene, it was fun. The classroom stage was lit up. When I drowned them with water, it ignited. It was fun.

All hip-hop: How does it feel to have “Play with Me” go viral on TikTok?

Madness: I’m going to have to drop this song again, but I’m f ### with it. It’s one of my favorite songs. I’m going to ask a great artist to do a remix. I f ### with “Play with Me” is one of my most difficult songs.

All HipHop: I saw you with Fredo Bang, do you have a song in the works?

Madness: Yeah, we got a finna drop video. We shot a video. The disk is hard. He and I weren’t in the studio when we did it, we did it by email. It’s hard anyway.

All HipHop: How did you get connected?

Madness: Chicago Lakafilms, well done Laka. This is love, I have f ### with my brother. He shot a lot of my videos, like 3 or 4 of my videos.

All HipHop: Are you selective with who you work with?

Madness: Not really. If I f ### with your vibe, I’ll f ### with you.

All HipHop: Top rotating artists for you?

Madness: What am I listening to? Me, probably Co Jack. I’m gonna put on some Rod Wave, some old Boosie or something. It is more or less that.

All hip-hop: Is there someone you want to work with?

Madness: Probably Drake. I f ### with Drake.

All hip-hop: How is your mental state?

Madness: S ###, I’m fine. I’m happy as hell to be here.

All hip-hop: You say you love bows and guns, do you ever feel like you’re sending the wrong message to young people?

Madness: I’m just rapping about my life. Put on worms and bars, rap about my life.

All hip-hop: Goals for yourself?

Madness: Yes, I want to start investing in real estate and real estate. I could do it any day, but I have to f ### with the right people and get on the right track.

All hip-hop: How’s it going in Atlanta?

Madness: It’s cool, it’s okay. There is a lot of networking and a lot of artists. I’m ### with Atlanta, Atlanta is cool.

All hip-hop: Who did you listen to over there?

Madness: On the producer side, Zaytoven. We did a whole mixtape 2 or 3 years ago. We abandoned this 2 years ago. 6toven, this bih has gone mad.

All HipHop: Is there something you want to let people know that they might not know? Besides being nice.

Madness: Mixtape finna will drop soon. “Love Me Like I’m Dead” the deluxe, it’s coming soon. A single “Whip Bump” everywhere. Co Jack will fall soon. He’s next, he’s standing and coming. We work. We squeak loudly, that’s how we do it.

All hip-hop: Do you have artists under you?

Madness: Nah, he’s my cousin. He squeaks, he’s the one I’m pushing right now.

All hip-hop: What are you most excited about as the world opens up again?

Madness: I am so happy! I’m on tour right now, so it’s open for me. I’m happy anyway, it’s on!

All HipHop: Do you want to tell us anything else?


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