Hannah Einbinder on her Prada dress and the ‘internal panic’ she didn’t show on the 2021 Emmys red carpet


A few days away from the Emmys, actress and actress Hannah einbinder wore a casual outfit you might expect to see on Ava, the hapless comedy writer she stars on the HBO Max breakout show Hacking: sports shorts and a forest green sweatshirt. That said, she was downright ecstatic to describe the Prada look she would soon be wearing on the red carpet. She said she might be a little nervous about the Emmys, where she’s nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on the show, but she probably won’t let it show.

“I refined the internal panic,” she joked. “I really reduced it to a science, with nothing on its face and just hellfire inside.”

By Shelby Goldstein
By Shelby Goldstein

Since the start of the promotional campaign of Hacks, Einbinder worked with the stylist Kevin Ericson, and when news of the nomination broke, she jumped on the phone with him and his co-star Mark Indelicato for a little brainstorming. “We literally had a phone call where, because Mark is so fashionable, he called me up and said, ‘Han, you have to wear a dress. “He said, ‘Baby, gym shorts aren’t going to work on the red carpet. We need a dress.

They had a shape in mind, structured but slender, at the same time haute couture of the 50s and the golden age of Las Vegas. (Einbinder described this mostly with her hands, and I promised to translate.) When she saw the pink Prada dress with a trendy train and huge bow, she knew she had found the dress of her dreams. . “It seems a bit destined to be and serendipity,” she said. “Oh my God, it’s just beautiful. Being in it makes me feel like I’m hanging out a bit. “

She was still thrilled and a little confused that she got the accolade in the first place, as playing Ava is the first major acting role she’s ever played. When she took the job, shortly after the pandemic began, it was not what she expected. “When I first got to the show and at the start, I was really, really hoping to get away with what I was doing and not get fired,” she said. “It was the game plan from start to finish. So something like that is a shock to say the least.

By Shelby Goldstein
By Shelby Goldstein

Anyone who’s seen Einbinder’s stand-up wouldn’t be surprised if she had acting chops – her March 2020 viral play The Late Show with Stephen Colbert surprised him to inhabit a range of voices and moods in just six minutes, but on Hacks, she shows an almost incredible amount of skill and subtlety.

Although this is a show about comedians, Hacks allowed him to experience a new way of being on stage. “I have to say that I loved the freedom to be able to express only emotions,” Einbinder said. “With stand-up, any pure expression of something sincere, sad, and difficult has to be followed by a punchline and a joke – a release of the tension. Whereas, in a more dramatic space on TV or in the movies you can just have pure emotion in a clean way, which I loved.

She said she appreciated the support of her colleagues, especially Jean Smart, by whom she always feels a little struck. And the cast and crew of the series, which has been renewed for a second season, have become close. Again this week she returned from Italy, where she traveled to attend the wedding of Lucie Aiello and Paul W. Downs, who created the show alongside Jen Statsky.

“Because it was a new experience that I had never had, playing, my default instinct was, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t look natural at all. It’s so embarrassing. I’m not doing a good job, ”she said. “Now that I’ve watched the episodes, and frankly now that Paul, Lucia and Jen have expressed that they’re happy with it, I’m like ‘Alright.’ Like, at the start of season two, I got it. feel like telling me what to say to myself for season one.

By Shelby Goldstein
By Shelby Goldstein

His parents, once Saturday Night Live cast member Laraine Newman and writer Chad Einbinder– were also looking forward to Sunday evening. “I think my mom is going to go out with my dad and my stepmom, and they’re probably going to have a little watch party,” she said. “They are quite shocked. I mean, it’s crazy. We are all shocked.

However, they were not unreservedly excited about their daughter following them into the industry. “I would say they know how difficult it is and how difficult it can be,” she said. “When I asked my mom years ago if she thought I could do it, she said, ‘I don’t know. I think you are really funny, but that still doesn’t guarantee anything. In fact, this is simply not the case. So my approach to this has always been very realistic, and it’s a privilege, of course, that I’ve been able to sort of hear their experiences and learn from them.

Einbinder said she had no plans for a speech. “You always watch the speeches, and people are like, ‘I really didn’t think this was going to happen. I didn’t write anything. And sometimes you look at it and you’re like, “Well, cook a little something,” she said, immediately acknowledging that she wouldn’t take her own advice.

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