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Viewers were skeptical of Jeff Wombles from the time he appeared on Love after lockdown. His record with his girlfriend, Anissa Lewis, did not bode well for him. Barely out of jail and halfway house, Jeff has not only secrets but demands. He has no money, but he has secrets. Now, the 40-year-old dreams of high-end fashion. Also, he’s looking to improve his looks, so he turned to GoFundMe for help. Is it worth it?

Jeff and Anissa are confused Love after lockdown Past and present

Credit: Jeff and Anissa Instagram

Anissa and Jeff have been dating for eleven years. He was in jail all the time so they had a real relationship. The two times he was released in those eleven years he was supposed to go straight to Anissa’s. Unfortunately, he picked it up both times. Friends began to question her existence and Anissa’s sanity. She didn’t care what people thought, even going to buy wedding dresses.

The third time was going to be a charm as she waited for her Prince Charming at the bus station. She brought her best friend, Kyle, for moral support. Jeff didn’t get off the bus and it was once again a complete disappointment. He appeared around the corner and it was a race to the halfway house. However, Jeff confessed to the camera the reasons he had lifted her twice before.

He had no intention of meeting Anissa. She was an ATM for him because he took money from her to buy drugs. This last time he got to know her and fell in love. Once in the halfway house, Anissa still provided him with clothes and extra money. When he was finally able to come to her house, Jeff shared a big secret with Anissa’s best friend, Kyle. He has an eighteen year old son whom he has just confirmed as his. Still, he didn’t tell Anissa. Between secrets and shady past, Jeff has many high aspirations for himself.

Gucci and some new teeth

Credit: Jeff and Anissa Instagram
Credit: Jeff and Anissa Instagram

At one point, Jeff noted that he wanted to get a good job and buy himself some Gucci. Viewers were taken aback by his desire for a high class dress when he had other things to work on. Especially his smile. Twitter has gone mad, laughing at Jeff’s teeth or his lack of it. One tweeter had this to say: “Jeff’s teeth !!! OMG “Another continued with,” Jeff has a total of 7 teeth. “

Love him or hate him, the cruel words have finally caught up with Jeff. So much, he launched a GoFundMe titled “Please Help Me Fix My Teeth (I’m embarrassed).” In the description, he explains that he lost his teeth not only from drug use, but during police altercations. He claims the memes that stem from his appearance on Love after lockdown took his confidence to a new low. In addition, his teeth are quite sore.

Unfortunately, new teeth are not in the budget for him or Anissa, so he asks for twenty thousand dollars. So far, $ 450 has been raised. He guarantees that all donations will go directly to his new smile. Do you believe it? How would you like to see Jeff with new teeth? Let us know in the comments.

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