Jxdn joined by Travis Barker, Iann Dior and more in first live show



Pop-punk revivalist Jxdn performed his very first concert at the Roxy on Saturday night with many special guests including Blink-182 drummer and mentor Travis Barker, rapper Iann Dior and singer Nessa Barrett.

The show was an hour-long event, with no opening acts, but still full of oomph. Jxdn’s gratitude for performing live for the first time after COVID-19 quarantine was palpable, although an odd tune hung over the crowd with the imminent restoration of the Los Angeles mask tenure at midnight. Still, Jxdn performed in front of a mostly maskless, limited-capacity crowd, which was a mix of teenagers, industry players, friends, and family (in a cute show, Jxdn’s mother took maybe thrilled everyone all night long).

The 20-year-old singer – who built up an following on TikTok as part of the Sway House content center and was later discovered and signed by Barker on his DTA Records – launched his very first live set with “Think About Me,” the third track from her debut album, “Tell Me About Tomorrow”, which was released on July 2. Dressed in a blue fitted Sonic Youth t-shirt and black beanie, Jxdn made the deal of a rockstar as he bounced around the stage, fueling the energy of his live band. Drummer Tosh Peterson and guitarist Kenji Chan provided a solid backbone for Jxdn’s vocal delivery, which was at times naturally strained by the amount of movement he was making, but hit the mark during moments of focus. Peterson was particularly impressive, going through heavy songs on the drums while also incorporating antics like standing on his drums and interacting with fans.

The evening’s special guests only started a few songs in the set when Jxdn released Dior, a rap and pop-punk crossover that became an overnight sensation in 2020 with his feature film on “Mood” by 24kGoldn, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for eight non-consecutive. weeks. The two performed their collaborative single, “Tonight,” which quickly became a highlight of the ensemble due to their light performance chemistry.

This is Jxdn’s very first live performance, the event provided an interesting preliminary study of the many musicians who exploded during the COVID-19 quarantine via social media, without first having the opportunity to prove their talents on stage. Jxdn rose to the challenge with elegance, making up for any inexperience with impressive bursts of energy and fan interaction. After performing his song “One Minute Left”, Jxdn even asked the crowd, “Who plays guitar here? In response to a screaming girl in the front row, Jxdn handed her a cherry red backstage guitar. While this might be an expensive habit to pick up on every live show, the idea of ​​the lifelong passion that could come from such a gift is certainly heartwarming.

The songs of Jxdn’s ensemble followed one after the other, mainly including clips from his new album like “Braindead”, “DTA” and “No Vanity”. Performance was always better when Jxdn’s voice was allowed to shine, as in “Last Time” and an acoustic version of one of his first singles, “So What”. Backed by a simple guitar, Jxdn’s ragged but rich vocals proved his talent outside of the recording studio and kept the crowd catching their breath after a slew of upbeat tracks.

Maybe Jxdn is trying his best while being vulnerable, because the best song of the night came in his album’s title track, “Tell Me About Tomorrow”. Tears clouded Jxdn’s eyes as he performed the song, dedicating it to his friend in the audience who struggled with addiction. “I’ve been there and I’m sure some of you have, too,” Jxdn said before diving into the heartfelt tune, which sees him singing in a lower register and at a slower pace. than normal.

Jxdn’s single “Angels & Demons” was the “last song” of the night, and Jxdn got everyone to “mess around” ahead of the return of the LA mask tenure. In response, the crowd jumped in unison, many shouting out every word.

But, of course, that wasn’t the last song – after all, Jxdn’s collaborator and girlfriend Barrett was in the crowd, and would this really be Jxdn’s first show without Barker’s appearance? My hunch turned out to be correct when a team came out to adjust the drums to Barker’s convenience, and soon enough Jxdn was back on stage, asking the crowd, “Is it okay if I bring Travis?” Barker here?

Barker stepped out in a simple black tank top and large black sunglasses, and Jxdn greeted Barrett on stage with a kiss as the crowd screamed. The trio then embarked on “La Di Die”, a rumination on the drawbacks of celebrity. The crowd was given new life thanks to Barker’s tight drumbeat, and Jxdn’s relief at the end of his very first show gave him extra energy to end the night. As the final notes played and the crowd cheered, Barker surprised Jxdn with a bear hug behind his back, beaming with pride.


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