Prada the Poodle saves house from fire by alerting owners to Ring Camera



A hero poodle saved its owner’s house from the fire – alerting them to the horror using a Ring Camera.

Prada was home alone when the family’s microwave caught fire, sparking a huge fire in the kitchen.

Instead of running to hide, the smart dog repeatedly barked and jumped on motion-activated Ring security cameras, sending alerts to his owners’ phones.

Nestor Gonzalez and Americo Ledezma, both 27, ignored the former but quickly paid attention to Prada‘s pleas and rotated the camera until they saw smoke, TeamDogs reports.

Firefighters arrived just in time to save Prada – whose white fur had turned gray and needed oxygen – and save part of the house.

As flames ravaged the kitchen, living room and master bedroom, firefighters said it would have been a lot worse if Prada hadn’t saved the day.

Nestor, from Orange County, Florida, US, said: “When I saw the camera, there was only smoke inside. My first thought was that Prada had chewed on the camera or disconnected the camera.

“Then I started to turn the camera and I couldn’t see anything. Then I went blind, I started to shake, I called Americo and I said ‘our house is on fire, hurry up ! ‘

Devastation caused by the fire – Prada was found almost unconscious

“Oh my God, that moment was terrible. Prada was alerting us for real. She’s an amazing dog. We’re even more attached to each other now. She’s my heroine. It would have taken longer. neighbors to call the fire department and call us without her notifying us first. “

Banker Americo and dental assistant Nestor had Prada during the lockdown, so when they returned to work she suffered from separation anxiety.

They got the Ring security system so they could monitor and calm her down by talking to her through the app.

Nestor and Senior Relationship Banker Americo ignored the first notification received. She was barking at the stove and they thought she had just been scared by a sound.

Nestor said: “On our side, everything was fine. I called Americo right away, said there was something going on, and then she was acting very, very weird and weird.

“He was able to talk to her on the microphone, then she calmed down a bit.”

But when they got a second one about 30 minutes later, Nestor checked the camera and saw the kitchen filling with thick smoke. He called Americo and the two rushed to their house.

Prada has been hailed as a hero
Prada has been hailed as a hero

Americo said, “I was driving, I was crying, I was shaking, I was trying to get home as soon as possible.”

Firefighters arrived and found Prada, almost unconscious, hiding in the only room with an open window.

They said if Prada hadn’t alerted them when she did, the fire would have been a lot worse.

Americo said: “When I got there and saw her I hugged her and started crying, and since I ran I felt I couldn’t breathe.”

The fire started at the kitchen microwave’s electrical outlet, the couple said, then spread to the living room and master bedroom.

It took firefighters nearly an hour to put out the flames, but it was too late to save the contents of the house.

The couple bought the home in August 2019 and spent over $ 35,000 on renovations, which they were still paying at the time of the fire.

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Repairing the home could take up to six months and cost at least $ 120,000 – much of which will not be covered by their insurance, they said.

Americo said, “It’s heartbreaking. The temperature was so high inside that the nails on the dry walls were melting so you could see the blackheads with the nails.

“It was moving to see all the plates and cabinets on the floor, all the broken glass, all the smoke and some of the cabinets were sort of black because they caught fire.”

But the family are just happy that everyone is safe and want to show the benefit of having a home security system installed.

You can donate to their fundraiser here.


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