The day Wanda Nara put on Marge Simpson’s Chanel jacket


It is undeniable that Wanda nara is one of the biggest reach and popularity social media mega influencers within the most popular photo & video app of all time. In the profile of his official Instagram account, where he brings together a little over 8 million followers in the world, it usually shows its looks. In addition, she is a fan of some international luxury brands that she wears in each of her outfits, What Balenciaga, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci; among many other fashion and design companies enjoying great prestige around the world.

This time, the businesswoman surprised her large Instagram audience by wearing an elegant wardrobe sport to what Marge Simpson: I wear a blazer pink with black details on the flap and pockets, with black buttons and epaulettes, similar to the one worn by the famous yellow cartoon character. Combined with blue skinny jeans with rips on the sleeves and pink crocodile shoes with a small heel and a pointed end in black. Underneath the suit, she wore a muscular black shirt with buttons and a high neckline, which complemented the look perfectly.

Make the accessories of the total appearance? He wore aviator-style sunglasses, a small bag in candy pink by Hermés and a very elegant and sophisticated watch that he associates with a series of silver bracelets. With a lot of style and glamor, she walks the streets of Paris and seduces all eyes.

Comments on the post were quick to arrive. His loyal supporters began to associate him with Marge Simpson and even herself, after the great wave of messages, made a funny comparison of looks with the animated character in their stories. “How can I forget the day Wanda put on the convertible suit from Chanel Marge ”,“ Marge Simpson’s jacket ”,“ How awesome Marge Simpson! ”,“ It’s like Marge Simpson’s blazer ”.

Some other fans and admirers did not hesitate to also fill it with compliments, compliments and compliments with tender words of affection. “I love your WAN look. Greetings from Argentina “,” Beautiful, as always “,” Please, how sexy “,” What a genius “,” You are divine “; were some of the messages dedicated to her, along with a huge avalanche of emojis of little lights, love faces and hearts of every possible color.

Wanda or Marge, who are you staying with?

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