The VERY EXPENSIVE rubber sandals from Gucci will remind you of your good old Crocs!



Don’t we all love to bask in our fangs or rubber sandals during the tireless shifts at the WFH? Well, although rubber sandals have gotten super chic now, you have another option of buying luxury rubber sandals if you feel like spending the extra cash.

Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion house recently launched its own perforated rubber sandals and the internet is abuzz with comments about the resemblance to good old Crocs.

The only difference being the price, while a good pair of Crocs will set you back between 2,000 and 3,000 INR, Gucci‘s rubber sandals cost around 30,000 INR.

The brand has priced its new shoes at $ 420 (for men at around INR 30,660) and at $ 470 (for women at around 34,000). Resembling Crocs, this all-new slip-on sandal was launched in three different shades in both categories.

For the Men’s category, the sandal is available in black, red and bright blue with rubber sole. While it is again available in black, lilac and white with rubber platform sole in the Women category.

The expensive slip-on sandal is made of perforated rubber and is designed in a way that gives it a premium leather look. It features smooth detailing around the perimeter of the opening.

The visible surface of the Sandal is covered with Gucci’s iconic GG logo which the company’s website describes as “the monogram appears as a cut-out design on top of these black rubber sandals.”

Elsewhere we find a tone-on-tone sole unit which is sewn around the top and, for the sole, has been given a heavy tread. Deep nodules give slip-ons a formal look often found throughout the Gucci shoe line, while Gucci branding on the outsole and sockliner completes the pair, according to men’s fashion site HYPEBEAST. .


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