Tommy Lee Sparta and son Skirdle Sparta team up for debut single “Dior Kicks”: South Florida Caribbean News


Tommy Lee Sprarta (L) and his son Skirdle Sparta

[MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica] – The first official collaboration between the unmissable dancehall and icon Tommy Lee Sparta and his newcomer son Skirdle Sparta is the single Dior Kicks. Tommy Lee has long unearthed and made his own a dark Jamaican punk iconography that gives way to his performance of the various characters in his ensemble. Skirdle Sparta, with this new catchy electro dancehall atmosphere, Dior Kicks adds more dimension to the signature sound arrangements of his father’s doghouse. This single is a high energy staging banger. But, also perfect for radio broadcast and premiered on Friday October 8, 2021.

Make a dancehall track

Tommy Lee burst onto the music scene in 2008 after the premiere of his first single and subsequent performances in his hometown of Flankers, Mobay. Eventually, Vybz Kartel discovered his immense talent and welcomed him to the Portmore Empire. Since Tommy has forged his own path in dancehall music, creating hits like Warn Dem, Psycho, Soul Reaper, Spartan Soldier, Hard Ears, Blessings, Redemption Song and more.

Create an inheritance

Skirdle Sparta embraces her father’s legacy. Especially by making it your own and adding a unique perspective to it. In addition to new streams that bring more depth and scale to the Spartan Empire. This collaboration also means a handover to the next generation of artists. Especially those who have a different vision of the future.

Tommy Lee Sparta is the best Dancehall artist in the world right now, IMHO. The one thing I respect the most about Tommy is that he speaks from his heart on his records. He is steadfast, fearless and will never back down from the truth in his lyrical approach. His honesty and vulnerability is what sets Tommy apart from any other artist. I strongly think this is reflected with people all over the world who have been through similar situations but are afraid to speak their mind. So when I had the opportunity to work with Tommy on his upcoming single “Dior Kicks”, I felt humbled because I had already been a huge fan of his work. Add Tommy’s son to the mix, and Dior Kicks has become a high-energy progressive dancehall record with a modern twist. Its vibrant feel and emotionally charged lyrical content will inspire people to want to move their bodies to the beat of drums and Dancehall style. This record has a sound that goes from dancehall to the direct urban mainstream. Stay tuned, because there is a lot more to come …

Tommy Lee Sparta and son Skirdle Sparta team up for first official Dior Kicks single / video
Symbolic moment at Dancehall

Dior Kicks is a light yet entertaining celebration of the magnetism that accompanies an artist’s lifestyle. Something Tommy Lee is far from foreign. Although young Skirdle is not as experienced as his father, he does manage to identify with himself in a real way that shines on this trail. It’s a great song, a great symbolic moment for dancehall and a great father-son interaction. Something you don’t get often enough in dancehall. It is a testament to the ability of the art of dancehall to transcend generations. The passage of time and always be relevant in all phases of the Jamaican experience.

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